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Publication of your research thesis as a book or monogram is essential if you are planning to have a career in academia or a research institute. It will also give a broader readership to your work and its due acclaim from the scientific community. Publishing your PhD or dissertation thesis as a book with BR Press can give you benefits, like:
  • All our publications are subject to peer-review.
  • Your monogram will get an ISBN and will get registered in the appropriate international database.
  • Your book will have A unique DOI (Digital Object Identifier) from CrossRef, and it will get deposited into its database. The same applies to individual chapter/paper or Edited Volume and Conference Proceedings.
  • We at BR Press allows you to retain the copyright of your work
ISBN is mandatory for pitting your book on the digital platform like Flipkart and Infibeam and as an eBook. You can trust BR Press to make all the procedures and formalities for getting an ISBN for your book. We cater to services like:
  • We undertake the necessary prerequisites, like deciding the font, font size, page size, margins, and the number of pages, cover page, etc. before applying for ISBN.
  • BR Press will print your book exactly the way you want it and will help in its marketing.
  • We can help you decide the maximum retail price of your book and can fill the draft application to the National Agency for ISBN allotment.
  • Publication of your research as a book with ISBN through BR Press is an easy, efficient and effective way of making your findings accessible by the society at large

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